Ngamba Island  Research

In July 2007, my daughter Ashley, a Ph.D.  psychologist, and I spent 8 days at Ngamba Island conducting an observational research study on chimpanzee behavior. Our hypothesis was straightforward: since they share 98.7% DNA, chimpanzee and humans have similar fundamental personality traits. Enthusiastically assisted by the Ngamba staff, we carried out our research over the period of our stay.

 ~Barbara Hollweg





Upon our return to Dallas, we compiled the information and, following the scientific method, analyzed the findings. The complete study with our conclusions was distributed in documented, printed form at the 2008 Chimpanzee Conservation Conference in Uganda. The research received an enthusiastic response from all attendees at the conference, which included the executives and staff of Ngamba Island Sanctuary, Dr. Jane Goodall, as well as other primate researchers from around the world.  Click Here to Download the document.




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